The Home No Bet allows you to bet on a double chance by increasing the odds.

Use the FREE Home No Bet calculator

Please enter the odds #1, then the Null rating and finally your bet. 

Depending on your bet, the calculator offers you the amount to play on the 1 with its potential win as well as the amount to play on the draw with also its potential win.

Finally, the calculator shows you the average rating.

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Home No Bet allows you to turn a double chance with a small odds into a higher bet.

Football is one of the sports where the draw is frequent, if you play a double chance (example: 1 or Draw), the odds go from 1.80 the victory of the club you have chosen to 1.15… not satisfactory then!

The technique makes it possible to bet on the Draw with a rating above 1.15 but being reimbursed in case of victory at home.


The Betis Seville receives Granada, the rating of Seville is at 1.81 but Granada can hold the draw, that’s your analysis!

Double chance 1-N drops your bet to 1.17 !!! Now is the time to opt for Home No bet.

You enter your two odds in our calculator.You decide to play 50 €, the calculator tells you to play:

-27,60 € on Seville – if Seville wins, you win 50 € (refunded!)

-€22.40 on the Draw – if the 2 teams draw, you win €80.60, the equivalent of a odds of 1.61

Of course the draw will not come out every time but you secure your bet, here the logic seems to want to designate Seville winner but 50 € on a single odds at 1.81 can be scary…

TIP: Test the calculator, you will see that interesting odds (+ 1.80 in the end) are possible as the 2.3 – 3 – 3.15. Important: the 3.15 – 3 – 2.3 works in the same way, it will be enough to play the 2nd and then the Draw.

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