The principle of the martingale in roulette is to play a simple chance (Red-Black / Even-Odd, etc.) until that chance arrives. By doubling your bet with each lost shot, the idea is to win your starting bet.

Example 1: 10 € Bet: Red,Draw: Red,Win: 20 € – bet 10 € = 10 €

Example 2: 10 € Bet: Red, Draw: Black, Loss: 10 €

20 € Bet: Red, Draw: Black, Loss: 20 € +10 € (1st bet) = 30 €

40 € Bet: Red, Draw: Red, Win: 80 € – 40 € (bet) – 30 € (cumulative loss) = 10 €


The question is not whether it is possible to win with the martingale on roulette, the question is when?

Indeed, earning money every day in roulette is to have a minimum of luck by the time you arrive on roulette. In other words, the only time you lose with martingale is when a color repeats itself so many times that you exhaust your Bankroll.

If for example you have 1000 € and you start with 10 €, you will not be able to play the7th round of roulette if you have lost 6 times in a row… It is therefore a question of “arriving” on roulette at the right time…


Not to mention the RNG casters, when a “real” dealer throws the ball and spins the wheel, the probability that the ball stops on a red number, for example, will always be the same with each new one thrown. Here 18/37, or 48.65%… 18 red draws against 36 digits in all and the 0.

So you have practically one chance in two to win (and therefore lose) with each new round, even if a color is out five or six times in a row…

Chance will do the rest, the Casino de Monte Carlo and its 26 consecutive draws on black numbers (1913) is a model of the genre. Roulette is a game of luck, just don’t miss it…


Using a roulette martingale can still make you a little money by observing a few simple rules.

  1. You must set yourself an amount to win and stop when the sum is earned. “It’s my lucky day”, “Today I win the double!”, all these sentences are to be banned… the wrong series can cross your game at any time, leave when you win!
  2. Set a maximum of consecutive losing rounds, and get out of the game even if you feel like it’s in the next round that the color will fall!
  3. Wait for a long series of a color to enter, even if once again it is mostly psychological… and not mathematical … but many players feel more comfortable… roulette must remain a pleasure, so why not!
  4. Divide your forces by playing no longer 10 € basic on red for example but 5 € on red and 5 € on pair. If a bad series presents itself you lose half as much while you win (on the other simple chance). You can also bet 3 € on a color, 3 € on Even or Odd, 3 € on Lack or Pass … and 1 € on the 0, you never know!

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